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I Saw An Opening 


Hello there…

If we've met and have had the opportunity to start the beautiful process of building a relationship...brilliant!!  Hello again and thank you for connecting with me once again. 

If we have not had the chance to meet, I sure hope we do!  Hello to you as well and please know how thrilled I am that you are here now!

I'm Jen Taylor....over the past 30+ years I've worked with passion and enthusiasm to lead and mentor people, some new to managing others, some just looking to understand how to leverage their strengths better and some just wanting a spark of inspiration in their day.

Mentorship - Coaching - Advice

Several times along my own journey I Saw An Opening:

· I saw the opportunity to believe and be curious about pursuing a dream.

· I was at a crossroads and I saw the need to make a change so I could live a better life.

· I saw for myself that what lights me up is helping others believe in their potential and the
ir best selves and want to share this purpose.


My best days are when I am sitting one on one or guiding a team and sharing my energy and thirst for life. Life presents us with so many opportunities to be bold and to trust ourselves when an opening presents itself...a chance to leap, learn, grow and enjoy the dance of life.


I am here to help!

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Jennifer Taylor

Leadership Coach/Mentor

Hi again - I’m Jen Taylor. I’ve led and mentored individuals and teams for over 30 years. I have also developed a lot of talent throughout my career. I have held many roles, including several executive levels roles at the two largest Canadian financial institutions. Along the way, I was incredibly fortunate also to be mentored and led by some exceptional leaders (and the opposite in some cases) who taught me so much.

Places Where I Saw An Opening...

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