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My Coaching Approach

I saw an opening….to be there with you as you invest in fine-tuning your vision for what lies ahead. Right now, today…do you see an opening?

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Are you looking to explore and activate your inner potential? Do you want to reveal the hidden or yet undiscovered capabilities you possess? Do you have a personal or professional goal(s) that you are keen to achieve? Do you feel stuck and would welcome a collaborative nudge? Or do you need a listening ear to share a latte with?

In a confidential and caring way, I build comfortable and trusting relationships, in which we explore your goals, values, and vision for the future and we look to move you forward in a rewarding and self-affirming way. I am happy to bring the spark of inspiration you may need right now!

Customizable sessions – what works for you? In the interest of making this process work for you please contact me and we can discuss what’s right for you. I offer a complimentary first meeting.

Please note I am not trained to treat mental health conditions or concerns.**

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